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Porsche Exclusive Options
X-Codes & Descriptions
X Wood steering wheel
XAA Aerokit
XAD Rear GT Fins
XC3 Hardtop (Cabriolet)
XD3 Rain sensing windshield
XD4 Crested Rim Caps
XD9 Painted wheels body colour
XE2 4 exhaust outlet Muffler system
XE3 Dimming rear view mirror
XEH Self dimming side mirrors and rear view mirror
XF2 Leather Instrument Housing
XF7 Leather covered tray
XH6 Leather Horn Burron
XJB Rear centre console painted silver
XJ2 Leather Impact Post
XJ3 Leather Locking Knobs and Plates
XJ6 Leather steering wheel column
XJ8 Leather Shift Cover (Automatic Trans.)
XKX Lower part of instrument panel painted silver
XK7 Leather Shift Cover (Manual Trans)
XL4 Rootwood Center Console, Door Panel and Trim Inlays w/Analog Clock
XL5 Rootwood Center Console, Door Panel and Trim Inlays w/Analog Clock
XMA Roof liner, A&B Pillars in leather
XMB Leather sun visor with reading light
XME Rear centre console painted body colour
XMJ Rear centre console carbon
XML Rear centre console light wood
XMP Leather sun visors lighted mirror
XMZ Rear centre console leather
XM6 Leather Door Openers and Handle Recess Plates
XNB Rear centre Console Dark wood
XND Lower instrument panel painted body colour
XNS Steering column in leather
XN2 Leather inside door handle
XN7 Leather Parking Brake
XN8 Leather sunvisors
XN9 Leather sunvisor with mirror
XPA 3 spoke steering wheel leather
XPB 3 spoke steering wheel leather and light wood
XPC 3 spoke steering wheel leather and dark wood
XPD 3 spoke steering wheel leather and carbon
XP3 leather boot cover (cabriolet)
XP6 Leather Seat Belt Hinges
XP7 Leather Seat belt Lock and Housing
XP9 Leather radio speaker trim rings
XRB 18 inch sport/classic wheels/tyres
XRL 18 inch sport design wheels
XR3 Leather Front Seat Hinges
XR5 Leather Backrest Lock Controls
XR7 Rear window washer
XSA Sports seat rear side of backrest painted body colour
XSB Sports seat rear side of backrest covered in leather
XSD Seat adjust knobs in leather
XTA Carbon Fibre Inside Door Latch
XTG Inner rocker covers covered in leather
XTJ Door grip light wood and leather
XTK Door grip dark wood and leather
XTL Door grip leather and carbon
XTN Mirror adjust in leather
XV3 Leather airconditioning adjusters
XX1 Front floor mats embroidered Porsche
XX2 Footwell lighting
XX3 Lighted door storage compartments
XX6 Leather shift pattern insert
XY5 Leather Tiptronic shift plate
XZD Dome lamp cover leather
X09 Leather extended centre console
X18 Burl Wood Fittings to the instrument panel
X19 Leather instrument housing
X26 Steering Wheel all leather
X28 Light Maple Burr wood steering wheel
X30 Dark Maple Burr wood steering wheel
X34 Painted instrument panel
X40 Leather sun visors with ride side illumination
X45 Instrument dials matching interior colour
X52 Console Mounted Leather CD Player
X54 Stainless steel exhaust pipes
X69 Door sills in Carbon embossed with model insignia
X70 Door sills in steel with model insignia
X71 Aluminium Painted Instrument dials
X77 Airbag Steering wheel combination of carbon and interior colour leather
X85 Slant Nose 3.6 Turbo S
X88 Increased HP, 3.6 Turbo S
X89 Wheel Caps with Porsche crest painted on wheels
X92 Front Spoiler 3.6 Turbo S Slant Nose Only
X93 Rear Spoiler 3.6 Turbo S Normal and Slant Nose
X99 Fender Vents 3.6 Turbo S Normal and Slant Nose
Y Wood package
Y6 Wood tiptronic selectro knob and brake
Y0 Wood brake and shifter levers
Y01 Aero Kit 1 includes front and rear spoilers
Y02 Aero Kit 2 includes front and rear spoilers and rockers
Y04 Carbon fibre package
Y05 Carbon/Aluminium shift knob and brake handle
Y06 Leather/Aluminium shift knob and brake handle
Y07 Light maple/aluminium shift knob and brake handle
Y08 Dark maple/aluminium shift knob and brake handle
Y17 Leather console options package
Y23 Aluminium and chrome Tiptronic shifter
Y24 Carbon Fibre Tiptronic Selectro and Brake
Y29 Aluminium and chrome package X54, X70 and X71
Y61 Carbon Fibre Tiptronic Shift Knob and Brake
Y65 Leather dash package
Y75 Aero Kit (C4S)

Z-Codes & Descriptions
Z02 Roofliner in Leather
Z05 Leather headliner, pillars and sunvisors in unique colour
Z06 Leather Welting in Colour
Z08 Trunk Carpeting to match interior
Z09 Carpet welting 98/99
Z10 Leatherette Welting in current colours
Z11 Carpet Welting in current Porsche colours
Z12 Leatherette Piping in current Porsche colours
Z18 Sunvisor in Leather
Z21 Stitching in deviating colours
Z23 Door stitching in deviating colours
Z24 dashboard stitching in deviating colours
Z25 centre console stitching in deviating colours
Z27 Leather headliner, pillars and sunvisors
Z28 Leatherette headliner, pillars and sunvisors
Z30 Leather Piping in current Porsche Colours
Z31 Seat Stitching in current Porsche Colours
Z32 Leather Piping
Z34 Non standard Carpet colours
Z36 Leather Luggage Compartment Cover
Z41 Pearl White metallic paint
Z42 Leather door trimin deviating colours
Z43 Leather Door trim and arm rests in deviating colours
Z45 Leather seat inlays in deviating colours
Z46 Leather front seat inlays in deviating colours
Z48 Front hood without Porsche Crest
Z49 Front seat belts in deviating colours
Z50 Seatbelts front and rear in Guards red, Speed yellow or Riviera blue
Z51 Leather seats
Z53 Head restrainst with Porsche crest
Z69 Unique Carpet Colour
Z77 Non standard colour steering wheel
Z79 Leather pillars in deviating colours
Z80 Leather A pillar and window frame
Z81 Leather A/B pillar
Z84 Non standard colour stitching front and rear seats
Z86 Dashboardin deviating colours, requires leather interior
Z88 Non standard colour stitching excluding seats
Z95 Painted brake calipers
Z96 Non standard leatherette coloured roofliner
Z108 Upper dash in non standard colour
Z109 Lower dash in non standard colour
Z110 Instrument hump in non standard colour
Z111 Seat insert in non standard colour
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